The Emperor wheels are the 59mm version of the Roller Derby wheels, designed for additional balance and stability.

Given their characteristics, these wheels have been equipped with a rigid hub which supports the polyurethane tread.
The completely smooth surface of the wheels offers an instantaneous and extraordinary grip.
Thanks to the grooveless surface of the wheels, the Emperor can be used right away with no adjustment period.
The outer edge of the wheels helps to obtain the maximum levels of push while skating.
A few millimeters of the entire width of the wheels have been placed on the inside of the hub: this is a new technology that helps to increase maneuverability in cornering and jamming motions.
Available in four hardnesses (colors) and one diameter: 59mm.
Available in sets of 8 wheels (It is at the discretion of each reseller to sell units in smaller quantities).
NOTE: Being made of polyurethane, the Gladiator wheels are graded with the Shore scale A.
It is advisable to periodically clean the wheels, taking care to:

remove the bearings
remove the dust with a rag
wash the wheels with water and a light, neutral soap
avoid harsh products such as alcohols, gasoline, etc.
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